Monday, January 27, 2014

Orange Creamsicle Cheese Cake

 [Edit: I was informed due to the Orange Juice this is NOT plan approved. I'm so sorry. Maybe you could use flavoring, oil, or a plan approved juice]

We have started a new diet called Trim Healthy Mama. It's been great and we are loving the food but best of all is the weight loss. This week was my granny's birthday and she loves Orange Creamsicle. So here is my invention of a Trim Healthy Mama Orange Creamsicle Cheesecake.

 Orange Creamsicle Cheese cake

Trim Healthy Mamma crust ~ pg. 373
Trim Healthy Mamma cheesecake in spring form pan ~ pg. 373 

Make crust from cheesecake recipe in a spring form pan. Bake & cool.
Make cheesecake. Bake and cool.
Top with Orange creamsickle
Cool in refrigerator overnight

Orange Creamsicle layer
1 ½ c. Orange Juice (about 4 oranges with water added)
1 T. grated Orange rind
1 T. Truvia
2 packs of gelatin
1 can Coconut cream (whipped)
1teaspoon vanilla extract

Heat orange juice and stir the gelatin with the boiling juice until it dissolves. Add truvia or sweetener of choice.

Pour the coconut cream into a large bowl. Beat cream until it reaches soft peaks using more or less to taste. Briefly beat in vanilla extract, if using.

Then gently whisk in the whipped coconut until it's completely combined. Pour over the cheesecake.

Chill it over night.

When ready to serve use a sharp knife and run it around the pan to separate the gelatin layer from the side. Unhinge the pan and gently lift from the cheesecake.

We added ready whip to the top. Yum!

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