Tuesday, November 18, 2014

USA Travel

 I'd love to see the rest of the states, Someday I also hope to take my kids to see it all too!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Handwriting with Preschool and Kindergarden

Fall is almost here. School is about to begin. We have been starting up with the "School" concept with worksheets. the boys are doing really well and know their alphabet. however their handwriting could use some more work. I ran across this little fact; did you know the sentence "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" uses every letter of the alphabet? WOW! what a better way to practice writing your letters????? yet, I couldn't find any worksheets that did this. So I made one. Hope you can enjoy it too. 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Game Day on Trim Healthy Mama

We don't do football, but we do parties! And what a better time to chat with friends than a football party? I wanted to bring something that we could eat and others would love too. so searching the THM sites I ran across this yummy looking wings.  

It recommended that you use Blue cheese dip. How fattening! so back to the search to find something better. and WOW! look at this one! I can't wait to get cooking!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Orange Creamsicle Cheese Cake

 [Edit: I was informed due to the Orange Juice this is NOT plan approved. I'm so sorry. Maybe you could use flavoring, oil, or a plan approved juice]

We have started a new diet called Trim Healthy Mama. It's been great and we are loving the food but best of all is the weight loss. This week was my granny's birthday and she loves Orange Creamsicle. So here is my invention of a Trim Healthy Mama Orange Creamsicle Cheesecake.

 Orange Creamsicle Cheese cake

Trim Healthy Mamma crust ~ pg. 373
Trim Healthy Mamma cheesecake in spring form pan ~ pg. 373 

Make crust from cheesecake recipe in a spring form pan. Bake & cool.
Make cheesecake. Bake and cool.
Top with Orange creamsickle
Cool in refrigerator overnight

Orange Creamsicle layer
1 ½ c. Orange Juice (about 4 oranges with water added)
1 T. grated Orange rind
1 T. Truvia
2 packs of gelatin
1 can Coconut cream (whipped)
1teaspoon vanilla extract

Heat orange juice and stir the gelatin with the boiling juice until it dissolves. Add truvia or sweetener of choice.

Pour the coconut cream into a large bowl. Beat cream until it reaches soft peaks using more or less to taste. Briefly beat in vanilla extract, if using.

Then gently whisk in the whipped coconut until it's completely combined. Pour over the cheesecake.

Chill it over night.

When ready to serve use a sharp knife and run it around the pan to separate the gelatin layer from the side. Unhinge the pan and gently lift from the cheesecake.

We added ready whip to the top. Yum!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy Birthday!

No it's not anyone's birthday. Yet. we always buy or make a birthday card on the person's birthday. so you guessd it, it's always late. My husband's family always does birthday cards. My family never did unless we ere going to a party. I personally LOVE getting mail so I love the idea of sending cards. SO, this year I'm trying to get a head start. I wanted something that looks nice, yet made by my boys. I searched Pintrest for my inspiration. Here is my Card Inspiration Board

I did some pre cutting and the boys assembled them with little help. They love to glue things so this was perfect. 

 the candles were just scraps of printed papers. I cut out flames. Each card has a preprinted "Happy Birthday" block.

These worms were a 1 inch hole punch, a square of printed paper  with ribbon for the gift. I drew the details after the gluing was done. then added eyes

The butterflies were again 1 inch hole punches with heart wings. 

I love how different these trees are. I cut both out exactly the same. The boys just glued them differently. Then we added buttons.

Both the balloons and fish were freehanded cut out. we drew the strings and added a googlie eye. :-)

 I had the boys sign the backs so I would know who made which one.

Our cards will go in our nifty card book similar to this one
I hope you enjoyed the cards and are inspired to make your own. Or just send one to a loved one today. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Overview

There were so many things we did for Christmas presents I wanted to share but didn't want to "let the cat out of the bag" so here they are...

Salt dough jewelry

We used extra small cookie cutters and stamps to imprint them. 

Then we painted them with metallic craft paint and strung them on leather string. 

The best part was being able to make something the boys could help with and feel a part of and it still look really nice. 


Photo holder

This one was another Pinterest idea just a board, paint, clothes pins, glue and pictures. the grandparents loved it!

Texas A&M and Dallas Cowboys shot glasses.

Etching Cream and glass shot glasses.


Flying Bookmarks

Bookmarks of flying boys. another grandparents' gift. We took pictures of the boys laying on the floor. then printed them, cut them out and laminated them with contact paper. Cut them out again, and added twine. 

Miniature ornaments

This is a combination of ideas. Salt dough, bottle caps, and beer bottle caps. the caps have 1 inch circles glued in the middle or snowflake punches. Then I hot glued paperclips on the backs for hooks.


Wine bottle and Glass holder

Chris got into the gift making too. He made a couple of these to give as gifts. very cool! but don't ask me how. :-) here is the pintrest inspirations

Gift box

 This was a great gift box I found at Target and all the new parents loved it. 

Christmas trees for our gingerbread village

 Green Icing, sugar cones, candy.

 Add excited children



Yummy Fun!

Here is their village. The children made house twice while with others, and this is all that was left of their trees. 
What do you do with your gingerbread house after Christmas? 

Thanks for looking at all our crazy ideas. I hope it inspires you to have fun with gifts too.