Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy Birthday!

No it's not anyone's birthday. Yet. we always buy or make a birthday card on the person's birthday. so you guessd it, it's always late. My husband's family always does birthday cards. My family never did unless we ere going to a party. I personally LOVE getting mail so I love the idea of sending cards. SO, this year I'm trying to get a head start. I wanted something that looks nice, yet made by my boys. I searched Pintrest for my inspiration. Here is my Card Inspiration Board

I did some pre cutting and the boys assembled them with little help. They love to glue things so this was perfect. 

 the candles were just scraps of printed papers. I cut out flames. Each card has a preprinted "Happy Birthday" block.

These worms were a 1 inch hole punch, a square of printed paper  with ribbon for the gift. I drew the details after the gluing was done. then added eyes

The butterflies were again 1 inch hole punches with heart wings. 

I love how different these trees are. I cut both out exactly the same. The boys just glued them differently. Then we added buttons.

Both the balloons and fish were freehanded cut out. we drew the strings and added a googlie eye. :-)

 I had the boys sign the backs so I would know who made which one.

Our cards will go in our nifty card book similar to this one
I hope you enjoyed the cards and are inspired to make your own. Or just send one to a loved one today. 

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